What We Do

In order to achieve the organization's vision & mission, USDC has divided its operations into 3 Strategic Units.

Center Base Training Programs
In the Center Base Training Programs – USDC provides in house skill development and vocational trainings in the sectors of Electronics, Electrical, Automotive, Mechanical, Plumbing, Information Technology, Apparel, Beauty and Wellness and Healthcare, etc.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
USDC focuses on the implementation of skill development programs in association with Foundations, NGO's, Corporates as part of their CSR obligation. USDC has experience of successfully implementing CSR programs in some of the most backward regions, difficult geographies, conflict zones, industrial clusters, as well as urban areas. USDC understand the needs of our CSR Partner, and accordingly recommend various models for implementing impactful projects. USDC is working with more than 10 leading organizations for skill development initiatives and, thereby, impacting lives of many individuals.
Entrepreneurship Development Programs

If the candidates are willing to do their own business instead of doing the job, USDC provides training to them in Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP). This training is given by USDC in association with the following nominated organization in the Entrepreneurship Development field 1) De-Asara Foundation 2) Bhartiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST).

Implementation Methodology

1Mobilization :   Enrollment of unemployed youth for various skill development programs.

2Counselling :   Counselling, prescreening and orientation process is conducted to recognize backdground knowledge and interest of candidate.

3Skilling :   Training are conducted based on 70% Practical and 30% Theory in all courses.

4Assessment :   Final Assessment of the candidates conducted in a manner of Theory and Practical Exam.

5 Certification :   USDC award Certificate of competentcy to successful candidates.

6Placement :   Candidates are offered jobs after successful completion of course and necessary evalution.